Establishing An Ecosystem for the Blockchain-Generation


WFC is a token based on the ERC 20 standard. (ICO completed in July 2018)


We will strive to contribute to society through projects around the world and increase the value of WFC.


Building a new charity stand with block chain technology and establishing a permanent ecosystem with win-win, I am making a world where as many people can live peacefully.


WFC trades on Coin Zentral, CoinBene, TDX (scheduled to be listed on 2018.11.15). (As of October 2018).




Raw ore at the famous place of diamonds including west africa - Raw Materials, quality, etc. are all recorded by block chain until polished ~ commercialized · sold. Guarantee a true Virgin diamond and also plan to sell diamond rock at WFC Market Place


Professional Football player Training Programme

Construction of Training Facilities in Fukuoka.

Including Stadium, gymnasium and dormitory.(Dec 2019)


Volunteer Market Place

Creating matching platform for Volunteering


Compensation to be paid in WFC


Charity Auction

Designing original virgin diamond accessories

Commission celebrities to wear and model accessories

Sell the accessories at auction for charitable causes


Comercial Smart Contract

Construction of a platform on the KOMODO block chain that can be used for personal and business contracts.





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Nov 26. 2018

WFC reception email address:

To each of the above e-mail addresses, please send two sets each (Coinzentral account opening E-mail address · WFC receipt address) set.

【Note】 When opening Coinzentral account Please be sure to use the same e-mail address as the e-mail address when opening a TDX (Dice Wallet) account.

Distribution of 1 WFC will be sequenced in order of reception, so please wait.

Nov 23. 2018

As soon as we have decided to distribute it at Coinzentral, we would like to obtain account creation and WFC receipt address there, thank you.

Be sure to use the same email address as TDX (DiceWallet) when creating the account.

Please prepare 2 points (registered e-mail address · WFC receipt address) and wait for the following information.

Nov 23. 2018

WFC listed on BitOnBay on 23/11/2018. 

Oct 30. 2018

Oct 30. 2018

Oct 2. 2018

Aug 20-21. 2018

WFC listed on CoinBene on 31/10/2018. 

WFC will be listed on TDX on 15/11/2018

Updated Professional Football Player Training Program Page. Please refer to PROJECT 02.

WFC showcase at one of the biggest blockchain technology event Block Show Americas 2018.



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